Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Effort Smeffort! -- We Need to Score Dammit!

"If winning isn't everything... then why do they keep score?" (Vince Lombardi)

So - the Isles are playing hard and Gordon is proud of their "effort." Big effin deal. I am so sick of hearing about their "effort" and how they are "working hard." Hard work is nice - but essentially meaningless if it doesn't result in something positive... like goals. This team skates, works hard in the corners, has been taking a lot of shots.... all for naught. They are anemic. They couldn't score if you gave them $100 and put them in a whorehouse.

They've scored 8 goals in the last 6 games -- and 1 goal per game for the past 4. That's pathetic. This team just CANNOT finish. They need someone - anyone (note to Snow: see if Bossy can still skate) to put the friggin puck in the net.

On the positive side -- they held the Rangers, Bruins and Caps to only 2 goals each. So the "D" has looked pretty good. And yes... I think the kids have looked better and better and will develop into the core of something good. Okposo in particular.

Next up: Isles gameday experience has improved - while the building is still a sh*thole.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hard to Soar Like an Eagle When You Work with Turkeys

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet." (Henry Mintzberg)

It has been frustrating to watch this team lose 16 of its last 19 games. If that were not bad enough, this organization continues to operate in a way that baffles me. Knowing that they are putting a suspect and borderline minor-league product on the ice - and having a hard time drawing fans - you'd think the Isles would do all they could to make going to a game as hassle-free and pleasant an experience as possible. But they just don't.

Here are 2 recent examples of why this organization is still poorly managed.

First - I attended the Dec 23rd game. I only had 3 tickets and needed to purchase one additional ticket to get my kids into the game. I also had vouchers for 6 additional tickets that I needed to turn in to the Will Call window so a friend and his kids could get in as well. So, I arrive at 6:20 (for a 7:00 game) and proceed to stand on the line at the Will Call window. I was 7th in line. Not too bad - figuring I had 40 minutes until game time. Do you know that it took 28 minutes for me to REACH THE WINDOW and then another 7 minutes to get my tickets!!! I ended up barely making it in for the start of the game and when I got my tickets, there was still another 25-30 people on line behind me. I imagine they all missed some portion of the game - a game they were paying a minimum of $19 bucks each to attend.

Now why am I griping about this -- well, first, the number of will call windows they operate (a mere 2) for a professional sports franchise is just pathetic & woefully insufficient. Moreover, as I stood on the will-call line, on 6 separate occasions, Isles personnel CUT the line to deal with ticket issues for other people. Are you telling me that the Isles don't have a separate location for their staff to go to to resolve ticket issues!!!! It was f*&king absurd. Two times during my wait BOTH will call windows were occupied by Isles staff resolving ticket issues for people who WERE NOT ON THE WILL CALL LINE!!!! This was insane and is just plain and simple poor management. You cannot ask people to stand in line to pick up tickets and then have your own staff cut the line whenever they feel like it to resolve other people's tickets issues. STUPID.

Second gripe - I had the same situation occur for the Dec 31st game. I needed one extra ticket. So, this time I waited on the regular ticket line. I was third in line -- and again, a mere 4 windows were open. Even worse - as the guy at the window in front of me finishes (again, we are about 20 minutes before the start of the game) the window abruptly closes -- with NO EXPLANATION. The woman just shut the metal screen. So, now I am forced to move to a different line - except now I go from being 2nd in line to being 8th because my line just closed. I was livid. No explanation - just an F.U. - window closes - and I am forced to switch to a new line. Ridiculous management AGAIN. How can you do that to people?

They already have a hard time attracting fans - and then the ones that do come - get treated like crap. There HAS to be a better way to handle tickets on game day than the way the Isles do things. This is just pathetic.

Next up: How much more can we take?