Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Effort Smeffort! -- We Need to Score Dammit!

"If winning isn't everything... then why do they keep score?" (Vince Lombardi)

So - the Isles are playing hard and Gordon is proud of their "effort." Big effin deal. I am so sick of hearing about their "effort" and how they are "working hard." Hard work is nice - but essentially meaningless if it doesn't result in something positive... like goals. This team skates, works hard in the corners, has been taking a lot of shots.... all for naught. They are anemic. They couldn't score if you gave them $100 and put them in a whorehouse.

They've scored 8 goals in the last 6 games -- and 1 goal per game for the past 4. That's pathetic. This team just CANNOT finish. They need someone - anyone (note to Snow: see if Bossy can still skate) to put the friggin puck in the net.

On the positive side -- they held the Rangers, Bruins and Caps to only 2 goals each. So the "D" has looked pretty good. And yes... I think the kids have looked better and better and will develop into the core of something good. Okposo in particular.

Next up: Isles gameday experience has improved - while the building is still a sh*thole.

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Anonymous said...

This Islander team is easily the most boring, softest team in their history(excluding Witt, Sutton, Jackman and Guerin) No one dumps the puck in the opposing zone and bangs in the corners. They all just stand around and get abused by other bigger teams. I feel like I'm watching practice sessions for the Norwegian Olympic team. Additionally, it's an outrage that season ticket holders are paying full price, when the organization is undercutting us with all kinds of promotions, King Kullen, etc, for much less per ticket. The organization cares much more about raising money for the Lighthouse than putting a competeitive NHL team on the ice. Not many fans care about whether the Lighthouse becomes a reality, but rather just want to watch NHL hockey.